Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sanctuary AllStars Jazz Sampler

We have had a number of requests from folks who wonder why we haven't posted some music on this site. So, we are posting three tunes we recorded in 2013. The first of these is a Pete Coulman tune called 'Awakening Peach'. Pete was a highly respected Toronto teacher and composer who  produced a number of amazing compositions. This one features Al Guraliuk on flugelhorn. 

The second tune is called 'Quintessence' by Quincy Jones. This amazing ballad involves the whole band but features Max Todd on alto saxophone.

The final tune is called The Rocket and was written by David Wilken. This swings along nicely, thank you, and features Wayne Stewart on piano, Dave Phyall on guitar, James Hill on tenor sax, and Rob Peskett on trumpet. 

I hope you enjoy these. Just copy and load this link into your browser. Earphones are best for listening. And come out and hear us live some time. The energy is always better in live performances.

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