Monday, August 10, 2015

BLJQ Plays Jazz Vespers

Once again, the Bob Liley Jazz Quintet was featured at St. Andrews-Wesley church as part of their Jazz Vespers program on Sunday, August 23rd from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm. We played some classic bebop tunes made famous by some of the jazz greats of the bebop era. It's toe-tapping, feel-good music that put smiles on everyone's face. Some thought it was one of our best performances yet! Jazz Vespers takes place every Sunday at St. Andrews-Wesley church at Burrard and Nelson streets in Vancouver. Check it out. At least when we play, It's Jazz, for the fun of it! 

I have attached a link to some photos from our performance last year. Carol Carson took the photos, and they are very good.

Just scroll down a bit.

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  1. Hello Mr. Liley,
    I took the photos and have some from this performance as well. I have put the ones I took in a dropbox file that I can share with you if you don't mind sending me an email address. That way, you can edit or share with others as you choose. My email is I was blown away (again) by the wonderful performance today! Many thanks! Carol Carson